Dr. Christine  Johnson McPhail - President
The McPhail Group LLC

P.O. BOX 713
PHONE: 800-920-5079


The McPhail Group LLC is a higher education consulting firm dedicated to providing high quality services to local, regional and national clients. Many higher education consulting firms may know a lot about education, but they may not know that much about issues educational leaders face on a daily basis. At The McPhail Group LLC, we have expertise in the matters that are important to our clients: teaching and learning, governance and administration, employee and student issues, and overall institutional effectiveness. Our company is dedicated to providing services and programs focused on three areas- individual developments, institutional effectiveness and insightful delivery. 



Our Group

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The McPhail Group LLC is dedicated to the improvement of educational practice through systematic assessment and action to help individuals and organizations address their challenges and opportunities. 

Core Values:

  • We work only with individuals and institutions where we can make a difference
  • We expect excellence from ourselves and our clients
  • We stand behind our services
  • We believe in the power of innovation, inspiration, and imagination
  • We listen with our hearts and minds
  • We have the capacity to recognize our mistakes and the courage to adapt